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This is the home of the legendary Stock Commander, and I rule the murky waters of the penny stock world.

Alerts with great potential

My goal is to hunt down stocks that  are poised to perform exceptionally well, in a VERY short amount of time. I'm always stalking small companies whose news and charts point the way for my members to profit!

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Stock Commander Teaches Discipline

Once again, I'm constantly on the hunt for premier small cap companies and ideas.

Penny Stock Alerts

I pass on most companies I think are junk and keep a close watch until everything is lined up just right in my sights. Then...BOOOM!  I shoot an alert to members immediately so they may seize the moment of opportunity with me.

My members are "Happy Happy" week after week if they profit right along with the Commander.

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Penny Stocks! Penny Stocks! Penny Stocks! Cha Ching! Cha Ching! Cha Ching!

Penny Stock Performance

I love me some penny stocks (almost as much as some fresh fried squirrel) , but not those wimpy twenty minute trade set ups you see elsewhere. I hunt and hunt until I find big ideas that have the opportunity to make a serious move and will not crap out as soon you have a chance to get in.

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